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SUSHI & TOFU Cooking Club August 21, 2004

Formal Kaiseki Course (Black dotted dishes and drinks are served at class)

•  Shokuzenshu (aperitif)
Plum wine

•  Sakizuke (small starting appetizer)
-Grilled eggplant

•  Tsukuri (Normally fresh raw fish is served, but this time meat, instead.) & Hakutsuru Superior Sake “
Junmai Ginjo
-Seared beef with spiced grated radish, chopped green onions and ponzu sauce

•  Nimono (boiled food) & Hakutsuru Premium Sake “
Junmai Dai Ginjo
-Aspic of chicken and summer vegetables

•  Yakimono (grilled fish or meat) & Hakutsuru Excellent Sake “
Tanrei Junmai
-Sauteed sea bass with miso sauce and baked potato with mayonnaise

•  Agemono (deep-fried food) & Hakutsuru
Draft Sake
-Deep-fried shrimp and vegetables

•  Tomewan (last soup)
- Miso soup

•  Shokuji (rice)
-Seasoned steamed rice

•  Dessert


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