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07/08/12 Hakutsuru, The U.S. National Sake Appraisal 2012, Gold Awarded NEW!!
02/18/11 Visit Hakutsuru at FOODEX JAPAN 2011
05/17/10 New Product (Hakutsuru Organic Junmai Sake) Released.
04/02/10 New Product (Hakutsuru Premium Sake Selection) Updated.
09/11/09 New Product (Hakutsuru Draft Sake 720ml) Released.
08/29/08 New Cocktail recipes added to "Various ways to Enjoy Sake". See details.
06/26/08 New "Various ways to Enjoy Sake" page added with Cocktail recipes.
06/18/08 New Product (Hakutsuru Plum Wine "SLIM") Released.
06/18/08 Now let's slake your thirst!
New "Various ways to Enjoy Sake" page added with Cocktail recipes.
06/02/08 New Menus added to "Japanese Food Receipes". See details.
05/19/08 San Francisco Sakura Matsuri
05/19/08 Washington DC Sakura Matsuri


New Menus added to "Japanese Food Receipes". See details.


Hakutsuru supported the 8th annual Japanese Food Festival.
10/11/07 New Menus added to "Japanese Food Receipes". See details.
05/02/07 Hakutsuru support The 7th US Sumo Open.
02/27/07 New Product "SAYURI" Released.
02/22/07 Sake Festival in Los Angeles.
09/27/06 New Product (SHO-UNE) Released.
12/07/05 "SAYURI" story
06/01/05 "SHO-UNE" story
06/01/05 New Product (Junmai Ginjo 720ml) Released.
12/15/04 We have organized a “Japanese Sake Cultural Seminar and Tasting” session.
10/22/04 The label of our famed Draft Sake redesigned. See details.
09/01/04 SUSHI & TOFU Cooking Club, See pictures.
09/01/04 PbP Food & Wine Tasting, Hakutsuru Sake station was a big hit!
08/02/04 Hakutsuru is giving a lecture in "Sushi&Tofu Cooking Club".
07/01/04 Hakutsuru is participating in PbP Food & Wine Tasting.
04/19/04 Site Renewal!!
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