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Yomoyama Story

Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., Ltd

1743 The founder Mr. Jihei Kanoh, a lumber dealer, began the production of "sake".
1869 Opened a direct sales store in Osaka.
1885 Registered the "Hakutsuru" name.  
1900 Exhibited refined "sake" Hakutsuru at the Paris World Exposition.
1915 Established the Tokyo branch.
1918 Established the Kobe branch.
1934 Opened the "Hakutsuru Fine Art Museum".  
1947 Changed Hakutsuru's trade name to Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
1952 Completed the "Head Office 2nd Storehouse", a "sake" production storehouse and the first ferroconcrete structure in the country.
1964 Established the Nagoya Business Office. Completed the "Head Office No. 3 Storehouse", a year-around brewery.
1970 Established the Sapporo Business Office.
1972 Established the Fukuoka Business Office.
1973 Promoted the Nagoya Business Office to the Nagoya Branch.
1976 Took over the sale of "sake" with the Chuyu brand from Chuyu.
Established the Sendai Business Office.
1977 Began the sale of imported Bordeaux wine from France.
1978 Promoted the Fukuoka Business Office to the Fukuoka Branch.
1979 Established the Kanazawa Business Office.
Introduced the Corporate Identity (CI) System.
Established a new symbol mark and new slogan.
1981 Promoted the Sapporo, Sendai and Kanazawa Business Offices to the Sapporo, Sendai and Kanazawa Branches.
1982 Established the Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum.  
1984 Established the Yokohama Sales Office.
1985 Began the sale of mineral water under the name "Hakutsuru Rokko No Shizen Sui (Hakutsuru's Natural Water from Rokko)".
1986 Established a new production line for the integration of small bottles (a small amount of a wide variety).
1987 Began the sale of imported wine from Germany.
1988 Established research facilities in the Head Office. Established the Niigata Sales Office and the Okayama Sales Office.
1989 Completed the construction of a storage facility on Kobe's Rokko Island.
1992 Promoted the Yokohama Sales Office to the Yokohama Branch.
Established the Omiya Branch.
1995 Completed the construction of an extension for the Hakutsuru Fine Art Museum.
Began the limited sale of "Yamadaho", a "sake" made using special rice.  
1997 Reopened the Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum (following its damage by the Great Hanshin Earthquake).
1998 Began the sale of gMaruh brand Sake in 2L and 3L size.
1999 Opened the Marketing Division.
Obtained ISO14001 certification.
Began the sale of the gMini-Glassh series.
Began the sale of imported wine from Italy.
2000 Merged the Kobe Branch and Okayama Business Office to create the Chushikoku Branch.
Changed the name of Omiya Branch to Kanshinetsu Branch and also changed the business coverage area.
2001 Opened the Tokyo Distribution Center.
Appointment of Mr. Kenji Kano as CEO.
Began the sale of the gWafujinh sake series.
2002 The Kanshinetsu Branch is transferred to the Tokyo Branch Office.
Completed the construction of the new Nagoya Branch Office building. Opening of business.
2003 Opened the Overseas Sales.
2005 Established HAKUTSURU SAKE OF AMERICA, INC. in the United States.

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