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Easy Japanese Recipes

Tempura - The Taste of Autumn

Tempura - The Taste of Autumn
Type of Food
Cooking time
15 mins

Ginkgo nuts
Weak Flour
100 - 160 g
Sweet potato
15 mm thick slices
Egg yolk
Pine mushroom
Cold water
180 cc
Salt (for dipping)
to taste

Remove the goby's head, and scrape the body lightly with a knife to remove the scales
Split open along the back and clean.
Chop and prepare the remaining ingredients.
image image image
2 Fry ingredients that take a long time to cook through first.
Fry the sweet potato and ginkgo nuts slowly at a low temperature of about 150 ‹ C.
3 French-fry the ginkgo nuts.
Move the nuts about at the bottom of the fryer with the back of a skimmer while cooking to remove the outer skin cleanly.
4 Fry the pine mushrooms well at a temperature of about 180 ‹ C.
Frying mushrooms strongly lets the moisture escape and really brings out their fragrance.
5 Lightly flour the goby and run it through the batter. Fry with the skin side facing up to prevent it from curling.

One Point
Batter: Sieve weak flour and leave to one side. Beat the yolk well in a bowl, add cold water and mix well. Add half of the flour to start with and mix well by hand. Add the remainder.
Oil: Use a blend of salad oil and sesame oil (8:2).
Salt: Remove moisture by heating in a frying pan. Use a pestle and mortar to make a light, fluffy powder. Add some green tea powder or other flavor to the salt.

Goes well with...
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