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Easy Japanese Recipes

Beef Kuwayaki

Beef Kuwayaki
Type of Food
Cooking time
5 mins
Araiya Beef Nabe

Ingredients (For 1 person)
<Beef Kuwayaki Ingredients>
Fillet of beef
150g(5 1/3pound)
As required
1 slice
1 slice
Shiitake mushroom
1 pieces
Cibol (cut horizontally, about 5 cm(2 inch) long)
3 pieces
As required
<Marinade 45cc(1.1/2oz), Ingredient Ratio>
Soy sauce, Mirin(Sweet Cooking sake), Sake

Fry all of the vegetables except the watercress in oil.
2 Flour the fillet of beef lightly. Add oil (2 tablespoons) to a heated frying pan and fry the meat over a high flame.
3 Fry well until one side of the meat turns is golden brown. Turn the meat over and fry over a low flame.*
4 When red blood leaks from the upper side of the meat, add the marinade. Dress the meat with the marinade (the flour on the meat will thicken the marinade).
5 Add the fried vegetables to the frying pan. When they have mixed with the marinade, arrange on a plate and garnish with watercress to finish.

One Point
* The meat burns easily so be careful about the strength of the flame.

Goes well with...
Hakutsuru Excellent Sake "Tanrei Junmai"


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