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Easy Japanese Recipes

Cold Fried eggplant served with Miso

Cold Fried eggplant served with Miso
Type of Food
Cooking time
15 mins
Yu¥Zen Genya Dining

Ingredients (for 4 persons)
1 tablespoon
Minced chicken
70 g(2 1/2oz)
Mirin (Sweet Cooking Sake)
1 teaspoon
8 leaves
Miso paste
100 g(3 1/2oz)
Ginger juice

1 Make a deep cut in each eggplant and deep fry in oil heated to 175(345) for 1-and-a-half to 2 minutes. Drain the excess oil well and cool the eggplant at room temperature. *1
2 (A):Pour the sake into a saucepan and boil thoroughly. Add the chicken mince. After it has cooked through, add Mirin (Sweet Cooking Sake), miso paste and sugar, and cook through to bring the ingredients together while breaking up the chicken so that it does not form into balls. To finish, add ginger juice and cool at room temperature.
3 Open the slashes in the eggplants, line the insides with green perilla, and stuff with (A). *2
4 Cut into easy-to-eat pieces to finish.
(Eat garnished with sesame seeds and Japanese radish sprouts, as you like.)
(The cucumber in the side dish in the photograph is garnished with citron and ichimi chili in Shigi miso paste.)

One Point
*1. If you make a cut on the reverse side as well, the eggplant will cook through better. It is a good idea to turn the eggplant over while frying to make its cooked colour more uniform.
*2. Stuff the eggplant after both it and the miso paste mixture have cooled to room temperature.
After stuffing the eggplant with the miso paste mixture, place it in a fridge to allow the flavours to blend.

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